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Glue-laminated beams and posts

Post and beam

Broaden your design horizons

Japanese building construction is rooted in a long tradition of using wood. Whether building in a modern or a traditional style, emphasis is placed on craftsmanship, quality of the final product, and a fusion of utility and aesthetics. 

As a leading supplier for the Japanese market, Stora Enso offers a complete assortment of timber posts and beams specially designed for Japanese building. You will find a wide range of wood products for post and beam construction that are both beautiful and practical and that help promote modern, sustainable living. 

We offer sawn or planed wood, available with a variety of processing options and with highly accurate size tolerances. Thanks to their consistent, uniform high quality and good strength-to-weight ratios, our posts and beams are easy to work with and deliver superior performance in any project. Using timber posts and beams will also help you to promote energy efficiency, construction speed and seismic resistance. 

The benefits of glue-laminated beams and posts in construction 

When building with glue-laminated beams and posts, the sky’s the limit. Glulam offers great strength and stiffness in relation to its weight, so the beams can freely span large distances. 

Glulam posts and beams are made from individual laminates of construction timber that are joined to produce long lengths and then bonded together to create the desired dimension. That’s why they make an ideal building material to use in long span designs. They feature high strength and stiffness, dimensional stability, durability and easy workability. And when proper techniques and building codes are followed, they can help a building withstand the more dangerous forces of nature common in Japan like earthquakes and typhoons. 

Glulam for sustainable building 

Besides being a naturally attractive product, glulam optimises the technical properties of the renewable raw material – wood. Wood is a renewable material that can be reused or recycled. The energy use in glulam manufacture is very low compared with other construction materials. 

Like all of Stora Enso’s wood products, our posts and beams are sourced from responsibly managed forests and under a wood traceability system that is third-party-certified under the chain of custody systems FSC®, PEFC™ or both. Our glulam posts and beams for Japanese building also comply with the JAS standard for structural glulam timber.

FSC® trademark licence C125195

Key benefits of posts and beams

  • Wide range of flexible sizes and lengths

  • Modern production gives accurate size tolerances to meet market needs

  • Consistent and uniform quality, comply with JAS standard (Japanese Agricultural Standard) for structural glulam timber

  • High environmental standards – renewable raw material from sustainably sourced and managed forestry operations

  • Stable supply guaranteed thanks to integrated operations, from sawing to glue laminating

End use areas and applications

  • For all structural parts in a timber frame house

  • Posts, beams, studs, floor joists and roof rafters


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